Its said that Analog Electronics is the most difficult area in elctronics engineering stream and analog electronics engineers and circuit designers are the most intelligent among the
elctronics engineers.Hence analog electronics questions are asked in most Electronics Interviews
for testing the indepth knowledge of the candidate.Here is a question bank for Analog Electronics containing important interview questions asked in major technical interviews  a from this topic.

1) How does a MosFet works.
2) What are different types of BJT configurations and when do we use them.
3) What is the difference between TTL and CMOS ?
4) What is noise margin?
5) Which is the most important pin the micro-controller?
6) Explain about Ground Bounce and Vcc Sag.
7) What is EMI and what are different types of it.
8) One question on any kind of sensors you are aware of Ex: hall sensor etc.
9) What is LVDT.
10) How do we select the correct value of decoupling capacitor (or) what is the purpose of using a decoupling capacitor.
11) What is parasitic capacitance & what are the effects of it.
12) What is the difference between microprocessor and micro controller.
13) What are different types of micro processor architectures
14) What is the difference between by pass capacitor and decoupling capacitor
15) How do you select an op amp ( this can apply to other components also)
16) Single ended and Differential signals.
17) How do you decide the layer stack up on PCB.
18) Questions fromFilter Design: Analog and Digital Filters, different types of filters.
19) What is signal integrity?
20) What is meta stability?
21) Difference between CPLD and FPGA
22) Difference between DDR and DDR2 RAM.
23) What is termination? What are the different types of terminations?
24) When do you need to use an heat sink and how do you decide on that?
25) What is the difference between clock buffer and clock driver?
26) What is Jitter?
27) What is gain bandwidth product?
28) Define settling time of op amp?
29) What is slew rate of op amp, define common mode rejection ratio and input offset voltage?
30) What is the difference between static response and dynamic response?
31) What is an integrator and differentiator?
32) Define the parameters of an ADC or types of ADC etc?
33) What is sample and hold circuit?
34) What is a comparator?( some questions related to schmitt trigger or positive feed back of op amp)
35) What is Fan Out?
36) Different types of Voltage regulators. ( Linear, Switching etc..)
37) How do you create a basic delay circuit?
38) What is characteristic impedance?
39) What is ringing, undershoot and overshoot of a signal why do they occur and how to reduce them?
40)What are the parameters to be taken into consideration while selecting a mosfet?

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